“Being a solo librarian, I don't have to worry. The database is backed up regularly to dedicated servers, the support team are there just for Heritage, and their knowledge is second to none. Not that I use support services very much, but response is very prompt and focussed when needed.”

Heritage Cirqa for Professional (Special) Libraries

In professional libraries we know that the emphasis shifts away from busy traffic and high stock levels to a more detailed and specialised focus. Many of our professional libraries are managed by a sole librarian/knowledge manager and so, for a management system to successfully meet their requirements it needs to have a strong mix of manageable functionality and sophisticated discovery tools to get the most out of expensive resources.

Heritage Cirqa meets both these requirements exceptionally well. We have selected a list of representational features and functions in the green box below, which, we hope, will give you a sense of the extensive scope of the system. Please feel free to ‘chat’ via the speech bubble below if you have any questions.

We have a selected list of functions and their application on our Features List for more details about what Heritage Cirqa does.

Did you know our upgrades are free of charge?

There are several ways of running Heritage Cirqa, but for the professional library perhaps the best approach is via a hosted system? Follow the link above for more information about how hosting could free you from system administration and worrying about backups and upgrades, or reduce your dependence on your IT department.

Heritage Cirqa comes with over 1,000 pre-defined reports