"I think these sessions are really well done. You could see the level of appreciation in the chat."

Expert training to suit your requirements

Why does professional training still matter in the YouTube age? The short answer is that it is undertaken with your specific requirements in mind and that is not possible with one-size-fits-all approaches.  Your time is precious and a tailored training approach will maximise it far better than any amount of piecing together fragments of general material.  Each training session is pre-agreed in range and content and offers excellent value for money, because we are clear about what you need and what to deliver. There are several methods for receiving training and users take different packages at different times according to capacity, funds and availability of colleagues. Here are the four main training delivery services; click on each for more details.

Webinar Training: We run regular Webinar Training sessions on a range of topics, at different levels, from beginner to advanced. At £30 plus VAT per session, they are affordable and very popular with our users.

etrainer – One to one tuition: Our experienced trainers can provide bespoke training on any aspect of the system you wish to cover. Training on your own system brings focus and relevance that can be put straight into practice under direct supervision.

Training in Oxford : We have a dedicated training suite at the Chapel in Oxford, where we hold one-to-one, or group, training sessions. Users with a Heritage Cirqa system hosted by us can be trained on their data and with their familiar configuration.

Training at your site: If you are unable to travel to Oxford, or have a number of other staff to co-ordinate, then our trainer can come to you. Much like with a hosted system, the main advantage of training in your environment is working with your data and configuration, not a simulation.

Meet our trainer
portrait of Tom Knightley smiling against the honey coloured stones of our chapel premises

Tom Knightley

Senior Trainer and Implementations Manager

Tom joined IS Oxford in 2005, initially as a support engineer, but moved over to training. Tom specialises in system implementations and merges, he also produces our video tutorials. Tom is TAP certified (Training Delivery Skills). Contact: tom@isoxford.com

Training resources

There are times when you just need to know about a specific function or process, that may not be significant enough to warrant full training. So we are building a library of training videos that addresses those requirements or ‘micro topics’. These short videos are easy to access and watch and have proved very popular with our users. Click on the video below to see an example of this resource or if you visit our YouTube channel for more.

Another great resource we provide is our Webinar Training series. These sessions offer Heritage Cirqa users a group training experience, without having to leave their home or office. Generally, they are held twice a week and the 30 minute live sessions cover a wide range of topics. Attendees can participate and ask questions throughout, via a meeting chat.

Our Webinar Annual Pass gives access to more than 50 webinars per year

Each webinar is followed up with supporting documentation and a checklist, that users can apply in their own library to help consolidate what they have learned. Sessions can be taken individually, or in blocks. We also offer an ‘Annual Pass’ which allows holders access to over 50 sessions and other exclusive activities, for example, a monthly drop-in session with our trainers, where they can ask questions about any of the preceding month’s webinar topics.

Tutorial videos

Click on the video to watch an example of a short, specifically focussed, training session about a commonly required function.
Find out more by visiting our YouTube channel