MyCirqa for College Libraries

The MyCirqa reader account mobile app help your library users keep track of items they have borrowed. In a busy work environment loans are very easily forgotten; MyCirqa’s push notifications will remind users when items are due to be returned so they can choose to renew them or bring them back to the library. A direct link to the online catalogue for search purposes improves access to your stock, with a reservations facility for items already on loan. MyCirqa can inform users when items reserved are ready to collect.

MyCirqa also helps you and other library users by encouraging a faster turnaround of stock, which, in turn, increases availability of and participation with expensive resources. Users are prompted in the most direct way, via their phone or device, when item statuses change and may, therefore return overdue items to avoid penalties or pick up items that are ready for collection earlier than they might if contacted by other means, or left until they next visit the library.