Heritage Cirqa for Colleges

Heritage Cirqa works well for most small to medium sized resource centres and libraries, but it fits the college sector particularly well. By ‘colleges’ we mean a range of institutions in addition to FE and HE establishments. Other users include a large number of 6th form colleges and specialist institutions, such as medical libraries and theological colleges. Our users recognise that the appropriate mix of intelligent design, robustness and
price of Heritage Cirqa makes it ideal for contemporary colleges.

In short, Heritage Cirqa is fantastic value for money and a safe choice, because of our longstanding commitment to giving users what they need and supporting them to a very high standard. For more about what Heritage Cirqa does, see our Features List page for some selected functions and benefits.

Of the Top 20 colleges ranked in FE Week in 2019 and 19 out of the 20 were Heritage users

We are one of the very few library system suppliers to include upgrades to the system free of charge within the standard support agreement: does your supplier offer that peace of mind? If not, then it is worth bearing in mind that upgrade charges with other suppliers could be a significant aspect of future running costs.

Did you know our upgrades are of charge?