CoLRic Awards 2023

Last year IS Oxford sponsored the CoLRic Innovative Practice Award (CIPA), given to the team that can demonstrate the highest value and impact of their service provision. We were delighted to have our own Emma Duffield, Sales Manager for IS Oxford, on the judging panel for the third year running.

As part of CoLRiC’s 30th Anniversary celebrations they were keen to showcase ‘creativity, value and impact’ with submissions that demonstrated the quality, excellence and organisational impact of library and learning resource service provision on the teaching, learning and student experience.

The winner of the Innovative Practice Award for 2023 was Bradford College Library for its ‘The Art of Problem Solving’ initiative, designed to develop skills to demystify maths and build resilience. Emma was very impressed, reporting: “The submission from Bradford College was a great example of a simple idea that was effectively employed. It was innovative, extended beyond the walls of the library and demonstrated great collaboration with teaching staff. Well done to all involved.”

The winners receive a trophy and a certificate and are invited to share their story with the CoLRiC community at the annual CoLRic conference and in their e-newsletter ‘CoLRiC Impact’.