Open days big top tent and green sunburst

Open Day

10th June 2021 – Sessions at 10am and 2pm

The theme of this year’s Open Day is Inductions and the promotion of library services to potential users. During the pandemic library inductions have almost exclusively been held online rather than in person. We will be examining the pros and cons of online versus face to face inductions. We will suggest ways of introducting users to library services. We’ll show you how to make them engaging, convenient and informative with a mix of face to face and online services.

We’ll be looking at the ‘gamification’ of inductions in particular, with discussion around what works (and what doesn’t!). IS Oxford has produced short video tutorials to help library users navigate key tasks such as searching the catalogue or locating a particular resource. These will be offered free to existing customers to help library users at the outset and as they start to use the library more frequently. Time-permitting, we will also look at ways of extending the reach of your library throughout the institution. We will consider means such as offering a current awareness service and enabling colleagues to use Heritage Cirqa to manage resources that currently fall outside the library remit.

For more information visit the open day page on our support website (open to non-users).